In this game you meet Courtney, a sweet photography student (like you!) who wants your love and affection,

Only one ending, short game, made in Twine.

Made withTwine
TagsCute, LGBT, Romance, Twine, Yuri


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Check out this AWESOME yuri hentai game! It released a few days ago and the art-style is amazing.

Play it here, CLICK


This was...rather clunky and weird and unbelievable (like a coffee maker in a dorm room? no one can afford that if they're living in a dorm). They've been friends for months (re: "Months later" option) but only start talking about other hobbies when MC goes to hang out in Courtney's room? And the "tongue war" bit is It sounds like the creator is younger than college-aged. Especially if this is the case, I really don't intend to hurt the dev's feelings at all, and it's a good start for sure. (Definitely keep making games!) The 18+ scene could stand to be less porny; focus on making it more organic if you're going to include it at all. I hope that the dev is actually female, but I understand that a loooot of lesbian content on itch is by pervy dudes for pervy dudes. /eyeroll In which case, y'all have no reason to be making lesbian content and gtf away from us 


This is a nice turn into something relaxing and sweet. Reminds me of when I went into college and met someone..I give this 100 thumbs up :3


Cute more choices would be nice :)


Surprisingly sweet. Was hesitant on clicking on this, but I took the plunge, and was not disappointed :)


i played the game, and it was awesome! tho I think it could use some more variety, but rather than that it was great! hope you improve over time! <3